Berlin, Sofia Vow to Fight Crime | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 17.05.2008
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Berlin, Sofia Vow to Fight Crime

The interior ministers of Germany and Bulgaria on Friday, May 16, agreed to boost cooperation in combating international crime. Bulgaria, however, is being closely monitored by the EU in its efforts against corruption.


The cooperation is likely to focus on terrorism, trafficking and illegal immigration

The two countries would likely focus their cooperation on illegal immigration, human and drug trafficking, and international terrorist threats, Wolfgang Schaeuble, Germany's interior minister, told a press conference.

"Following the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty, Europe's internal policies will gain even more significance," added Schaeuble, referring to the European Union's reform treaty, which was approved by EU leaders in December.

Since becoming a member of the European Union last year, Bulgaria has been under close observation from Brussels in its efforts to fight corruption and organized crime.

Schaeuble called this monitoring an "expression of solidarity" by the EU. A progress report from the European Commission is expected to be released in July.

Bulgarian Interior Minister Mihail Mikov said he expected the report to be "objective." His predecessor Rumen Petkov resigned one month ago in a corruption scandal.

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