Asian markets show signs of life despite looming Brexit shadow | News | DW | 15.06.2016
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Asian markets show signs of life despite looming Brexit shadow

After weeks of steadily sliding downward, Asian stock markets have recorded gains. The trend could be short-lived, however, given the pending referendum on Britain's EU membership.

Wednesday marked the first day of positive news for traders on Asian stock markets, with exchanges in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul and Singapore showing slight gains.

Asian markets have seen a recent series of losses, especially in China , and investors are still wary over the pending Brexit referendum in Britain. In addition, a decision from American index provider MSCI to not include Chinese domestic stocks in its portfolio is considered bad news for the Shanghai exchange. MSCI said it would review its decision next year, and added that the index "would like to see further improvements in the accessibility of the China A shares market before its inclusion in the MSCI."

Despite the fact that more losses may be pending, the brief respite from weeks of losses was a welcome development on the Asian markets. This was particularly true in China, which has seen some of the worst-performing markets of the year so far.

mz/kl (Reuters, AFP)

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