Angela Merkel biopic set for the silver screen | Film | DW | 17.03.2015
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Angela Merkel biopic set for the silver screen

A film is to be made based on the life of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, planned for a 2017 international release. But the question on everyone's lips: who will play the lead role?

The production will feature an international cast and be released to theaters in 2017, according to Walid Nakschbandi - Managing Director of production company AVE - who spoke with news agency dpa.

The screenplay was written by the "Spiegel" newspaper journalist and author Dirk Kurbjuweit. "Dirk Kurbjuweit is a clever insider of the German political scene," Nakschbandi said. "He knows the Chancellor very well - I am pleased that we were able to secure this experienced writer for 'Angela Merkel.' Mrs Merkel has a fascinating biography." Nakschbandi gave no hints as to who would take the lead role.

Kurbjuweit, who also wrote the books "Angela Merkel" and "No Alternative" about the Chancellor in 2009 and 2014 respectively, will draw on his personal knowledge of both Merkel the person and the political operator. "I have been following Merkel's political path for many years, critical, but always spellbound," the author said.

AVE recently produced the ARD TV docu-drama "My Daughter Anne Frank" and is co-producing "The Diary of Anne Frank," which will be shot in Amsterdam.

jgt/msh (dpa)

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