Al Qaeda group claims series of bombings in Iraq | News | DW | 21.03.2012
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Al Qaeda group claims series of bombings in Iraq

The front group for al Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility for a series of bombings that shook the country on Tuesday, saying their goal was to disrupt security plans for next week's Arab League summit in Baghdad.

In a posting to an online forum Wednesday, the Islamic State of Iraq said it had targeted the "fool government preparing" for the summit.

"Within few hours, all the security measures adopted by the Shiite government have collapsed and the enemy was taken by surprise," the statement read.

The bombings took place in several cities around the country and killed at least 46 people, while wounding an additional 250. Some of the blasts targeted police stations and security checkpoints.

Security in Iraq had already been stepped up ahead of the landmark summit, which will be hosted in Iraq for the first time in over 20 years. Arab League delegates will meet from March 27-29 in Baghdad, and extra security forces will be brought in from around the country to help secure the capital.

mz/ncy (AP, AFP)

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