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Africa’s Thriving Movie Business!

May 10, 2024

Grab your popcorn and strap in for an episode on Africa’s thriving movie business!

DW Sendung The 77 Percent | 217
Image: DW

We meet Nollywood’s special effects master, Hakeem, and Ghanaian skit-king Jeffrey Nortey. We also join the creators of Nigeria’s Jagaban web series on set, and find out how African actors, film producers and industry insiders are adapting to the fast-changing movie business.


Becoming a movie star

Everyone wants to the be a film star! But the industry is notoriously tough, unforgiving and fame is short-lived! We meet award-winning Kenyan actor Justin Mirichii to find out what it really takes.



How big is Africa's film industry?

African cinema is booming in recent years. Nollywood reigns as the second-largest film industry globally, boasting a $1.2 billion annual revenue. But Ghallywood is rising in Ghana, while South Africa has long produced award-winning films, from Sarafina! to Tsotsi, an Oscar winner in 2006, to sci-fi thriller District 9.

DW Sendung The 77 Percent | 217
How big is Africa's film industry?Image: DW



Hakeem Onilogbo: Nollywood’s Special Effects master

Hakeem Onilogbo’s work has set new standards for Africa’s special effects artists. From controlled pyrotechnics to stunning makeup, his craft engages audiences in the heart-pounding action of African movies. The special effects artist, together with wife and business partner Elkie Osaige, undertakes an intricate process of creating effects that make blockbusters like "Jagun Jagun”.



My Hustle ‘Jeffrey Nortey’

We meet Ghanaian actor and skit-king Jeffrey Nortey at his set - the streets of Accra, where we follow the online phenom and find out the secrets and trial of his creative trade.

Ghanaian actor and skit-king Jeffrey Nortey
Ghanaian actor and skit-king Jeffrey NorteyImage: DW


Beyond the opportunities and glamour: The dark side of Nollywood

Nollywood, Nigeria's booming film industry, has been struggling with a dark side exposed by the tragic death of actor Junior Pope in a boat accident. While the world sees its glamour, the industry lacks safety regulations. The Flipside explores the outrage, calls for reform, and expert opinion on how Nollywood can ensure its actors and crew are safe, honoring its talent while protecting lives.



Making Nigeria’s popular web series ‘Jagaban’

Richard and Miracle Nkanta are the dynamic duo behind the successful YouTube series 'Jagaban’. From Port Harcourt, Nigeria, the pair has proven big budgets are not always necessary to make waves in online storytelling. The duo is using their relentless determination to bring their stories to life, one episode at a time.



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