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Abortion, Guns, Racism: Is the US still Liberty's poster child?

June 30, 2022

The United States is bitterly divided over abortion and gun ownership. Is American democracy at risk? Our guests: Emilia Roig (political scientist), Laura von Daniels (analyst), Erik Kirschbaum (journalist)

DW Sendung To the point Emilia Roig
Image: DW


Emilia Roig, political scientist, teaching at Berlin's Freie Universität focusing on intersectional discrimination, 


DW Sendung To the point Laura von Daniels
Image: DW



Laura von Daniels, a political analyst with the Thinktank SWP, the German Institute for International and Security Affairs in Berlin


DW Sendung To the point Erick Kirschbaum
Image: DW



Erik Kirschbaum, a US journalist based in Berlin, working for a variety of American publications. 

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About the show

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To the point — International Debate from Berlin

Strong opinions, clear points of view, international agendas. Three journalists join our presenter and go straight to the point on an international issue that’s making news. It’s controversy and confrontation. It’s background and analysis. It’s the issues that are moving our world.

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