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Aachen Cathedral

To mark Germany's World Heritage Day on June 7, 2020, the #DailyDrone is showing the 46 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany from a bird's eye view. Aachen Cathedral was added to the list in 1978 as the first cultural monument.


The #DailyDrone shows you all 46 UNESCO natural and cultural Heritage Sites in Germany.

This special World Heritage series presents the diversity of natural and cultural heritage from a bird's eye view: architectural highlights, varied cultural landscapes, parks and natural reserves. From Aachen Cathedral (a World Heritage since 1978) to the monastery island of Reichenau, from the Wadden Sea to Berlin's Museum Island, from Cologne Cathedral to the mining region in the Erzgebirge Ore Mountain region (a World Heritage since 2019) - the #DailyDrone has flown over all 46 German World Heritage sites.