5 European stars whose first jobs might surprise you | High Five | DW | 19.05.2017
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High Five

5 European stars whose first jobs might surprise you

You might know them as rock stars but before they catapulted to fame, these celebrities pursued more conventional career paths, like watchmaking. Can you guess which singer is a former school teacher?

While some celebrities are born with a proverbial silver spoon in their mouths, others have struggled on their road to stardom. These starving artists have had to take on rather average jobs to make ends meet on their path to stardom.

Till Lindemann, front man of hard rock act "Rammstein," had a surprisingly tame career path before his rise to fame. Can you guess what it was? And Rudolf Schenker from Germany's legendary rock band "The Scorpions" even pursued two careers before finally finding success as a guitarist and songwriter.

It would appear there's hope for every aspiring artist still slinging burgers out there then, wouldn't it?

Only man at a hen party

British singer Sting is just one example of a famous person whose original career was quite down-to-earth and predictable. As a 20-something, Sting trained to become a teacher and later worked as the only male at an all-girl convent school in the town of Cramlington in Northumberland, England. He taught English Literature, Physical Education and Music, and his students, of course, referred to him by his legal name, Mister Sumner.

Sting's ascent to rock royalty developed slowly in the mid-70s, after he started performing with various rock and jazz music bands in Newcastle, including "Last Exit" - Sting's last group before his rise to fame with "the Police."

The rest is history (much to the dismay of his former students, we assume). The 1980 "Police" song "Don't Stand so Close to me" looks back at his stint as a teacher, reminiscing about a "young teacher, the subject of schoolgirl fantasy," who ends up being caught having an affair with one of his students. Sting insists that he never engaged in such inappropriate relations with any of his students - though it's no secret that many of the adolescent girls he instructed must have had a major crush on him.

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