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Germany's bakery bestsellers

Kate MüserAugust 20, 2015

Hungry? Here are 11 savory and sweet things you'll find in any German bakery - and a look at why Germany's popular whole bread is good for you.

Different kinds of German bread in a basket, Copyright: Fotolia/Picture-Factory
Image: Fotolia/Picture-Factory

Germany's bakeries are as legendary as they are ubiquitous. And even though chains have widely taken over traditional, family-run shops, many Germans make a stop at their local bakery every day.

Early morning is the busiest time at bakeries because their staple - rolls - are eaten for breakfast. Many offer pre-made sandwiches on freshly baked rolls with cheese, cold cuts or egg. On Sundays, it's common to prepare an extensive breakfast with a wide array of rolls, bread and croissants.

But when the afternoon rolls around, the reasons to head to the bakery get sweeter. While the Brits enjoy tea time, coffee and cake in the afternoon is a German tradition, particularly on Sundays when more people have time for a relaxed mid-day break.

Since lunch is the main meal in Germany, many people don't cook in the evening, but slice a loaf of bread and top their slices with butter and cheese or meat products.

Click through the gallery above to find out what most Germany bakeries have on offer and watch the video below for insights on why German dark bread is good for you - and why it's often the first thing Germans miss when they travel abroad.

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