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Your say: Ukraine protests

Jessie WingardJanuary 22, 2014

At least three people have been killed as police raided a protest camp in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv - the first fatalities in months of anti-government protests. DW Facebook users based in Kyiv describe the situation.

Demonstration und Proteste in Kiew 22.01.2014
Image: Reuters

Violent protests continue to rage in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv as protestors threw stones at police and security forces responded by firing rubber bullets and tear gas. DW English Facebook followers in Ukraine had this to say about the current situation:

Oksana Y.: I am in Kyiv … Authorities refuse to hear us; they lie to Europe and the world. Instead of trying to resolve the conflict, they involve more police and start to act even more brutally, they adopt draconian laws which makes Ukraine's dictatorship worse than Belarus.

I personally start to feel helpless and even desperate. Since the president showed that even a human life means nothing to him and he would rather kill protesters or throw them in prison than resign … it killed the hope in me that the conflict might be resolved by democratic means.

Still people remain as united as before. Among the gun shots and all the pressure you can feel infinite love of the people to each other, to our motherland. It's probably the only thing that makes us somehow optimistic and keeps us afloat.

Maxim: The situation is hot.

Valeria: The police are openly shooting people who are walking in Hrushevskogo Street, Kyiv.

Julia: I live in Kyiv. [I have] sorrow in my heart and hope in my soul.

Maksym: The situation escalated after three peaceful protestors were killed. Please share the information about the current situation in Ukraine because this is the only way to prevent more deaths and civil war.

Виктория: I'm from Kyiv. It's so scary. We need help from the EU and other countries. We do not need words, we need real actions. Three people have already died! What is the world is waiting for?

Maryna: Three people confirmed dead. Two were shot down by the police, the third died in hospital.

Tanja: Right now the riot police are attacking people again.

Oksana S.: The situation is rather tense. There is fighting in the city center.

Mareike Aden [@MareikeAden], a DW correspondent in Kyiv tweeted:
Oppositon calls on women and children to avoid #euromaidan tonight due to fear of further escalation #backinUkraine