Young Germans hit hard by rising unemployment | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 22.07.2009
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Young Germans hit hard by rising unemployment

Rising unemployment as a result of the continuing global economic crisis is having a particular effect on young Germans under the age of 24, a new study says.

Jobs are offered in a window of a job agent in Frankfurt, central Germany

More young Germans under 24 are becoming unemployed

The German Trade Union Federation's (DGB) report, published in Wednesday's Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper, states that unemployment in the under-24 age group is increasing at a rate three times faster than other age groups.

The figures show a year-on-year rise of 16 percent in the under-24 age group, in comparison to an overall average rise in unemployment of 5.3 percent.

The increase is concentrated on young people between the age of 20 and 24, according to the DGB. "High unemployment of young people is due predominantly to transition problems after they complete education or vocational training", the DGB report states.

As well as an increasing number of young people failing to be taken on after training programs, more are losing their part-time jobs as companies make more staff cuts.


Editor: Neil King

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