Young eco-volunteers help out in Kenya | Global Ideas | DW | 02.10.2012
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Global Ideas

Young eco-volunteers help out in Kenya

From eco-toilets to solar lamps and energy-saving cookers, the organization Ecofinder based in Kenya oversees a number of small-scale projects that are helping locals switch to more sustainable practices.

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Project goal: Raising awareness of environmental problems and spearheading initiatives for sustainable communities.

Project focus: Small-scale projects that benefit individuals and families.

Project scale: Projects in 5 districts on Lake Victoria; 30 staff at "Ecofinder Kenya"

Project volume: Between $25,000 and $50,000 a year, made up primarily of donations by local and international NGOs.

Some of the volunteers at the environmental organization Ecofinder come from overseas and are taking a year out, others are there to do their bit for climate protection. They’re part of a growing trend around the world as more and more young people volunteer in developing nations struggling with the effects of climate change. The young and international Ecofinder team at Lake Victoria in Kenya are spearheading initiatives aimed at improving living conditions around Africa’s largest lake. The region his been hard hit by global warming, population growth and deforestation on the banks of the lake. Global Ideas accompanies two volunteers working with locals to raise environmental awareness.

A film by Florian Nusch

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