Young African Musicans | The 77 Percent | DW | 14.10.2020

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The 77 Percent

Young African Musicans

"77 Percent" meet Kenya's only profEESional female percussionist. Namibian musician Eric Sell — aka EES — stops by the studio for a chat. Ugandan pop star Spice Diana is keeping her fans virtually entertained.

Kasiva Mutua: Talking with drums

Kasiva Mutua is Kenya's only profEESional female percussionist. Keeping drumming traditions alive while beating out misogynistic attitudes is all part of the job!

EES brings Namibian music to the world

Eric Sell, aka EES, is one of very few white Namibians producing Kwaito music — and he's already a star beyond the borders of his home country. EES and his music stand for unity, and creating an all-Namibian, multicultural identity.

Interview: EES and the power of NAM Flava

Eric Sell, aka EES, is an established artist in the Namibian music scene, blending different styles and even languages to reflect his country's diversity. He joins us in the studio to talk about Kwaito music and marketing African artists to the world.

Uganda's Spice Diana swaps the stage for the screen

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen artists around the world cut off from their audiences. But musicians in Uganda refuse to be silenced. Partnering with top TV stations, they have turned weekends into virtual dance parties — to the delight of their fans!

Dancing off the streets in Ivory Coast

Abobo district in Abidjan underwent a violent upheaval following a contested election in 2010, leaving many kids homeless. Yves Thomas Ble started the Mam'art dance company to give the youth a safe place to live, while teaching them how to express themselves through dance. He takes us on a tour!

Ghana's dancing pallbearers

Funerals are usually somber occasions for bereaved families. But a group of pallbearers in Ghana has gone viral with their flamboyant dance routines which aim to give the deceased a joyous final send-off — while bringing a little bit of joy to those who are grieving.


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