World Heritage: videos from our viewers | DW Travel | DW | 11.07.2016
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World Heritage: videos from our viewers

The UNESCO World Heritage Conference is being held from July, 10 to 20, 2016 in Istanbul. Here we show videos sent in by our viewers.

Hernan Valdivia from Spain in his home country last spring visited The Alhambra in Granada, Spain.

The royal palace with the splendid gardens is regarded as one of the best examples of Moorish Islamic architecture in Europe. It has been a World Heritage Site since 1984.

Ada Romina Rios Nuñez from Argentina in her charming video takes us on a veritable World tour to World Heritage Sites!

In Europe we visit the palaces of Versailles in France, and Sanssouci in Germany, as well taking a stroll through the historical town centers of Prague, Budapest, Venice and Rome. We visit Buddhist temples that are part of the historical Japanese World Heritage Site in Kyoto. And in Brazil, we tour the entire natural environment of the city Rio de Janeiro which has been a World Heritage Site since 2012.

Feidal Siddiqi from the USA flew to probably the most remote island in the world: Easter Island, Chile

Famous for its monumental moai stone statues in the Rapa Nui National Park, which since 1996 has been a World Heritage Site.

Egon Pfaff from Chile visited his mother in China - and in Beijing captured on video his impressions of The Forbidden City, China.

This was the official residence of Chinese Emperors from 1420 until 1911. The Forbidden City, a World Heritage Site since 1987, is one of Beijing's main tourist attractions.

We join Reda Hida from Morocco on a tour of the Medina of Fez, Morocco.

Blick in die Medina Fez Marokko

Bursting with life and history it is one of four ancient royal cities in Morocco. In 1981 Medina of Fez was the first site in Morocco that was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

More than 200 entered films in the hope of wining a trip to Berlin. Many thanks to all of you! The winner is Denys Kushnarov from Kiev.

Denys Kushnarov takes us to the Pechersk Lavra Cave Monastery in Kiev. Since its foundation in the 11th century by Anthony, an Orthodox monk from Esphigmenon monastery on Mount Athos, the Lavra has been a preeminent center of Eastern Orthodox Christianity in Eastern Europe. The Cave Monastery together with the Saint Sophia Cathedral, was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990.