Winter Fun - from the Harz to the Zugspitze | Discover Germany | DW | 19.01.2013
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Discover Germany

Winter Fun - from the Harz to the Zugspitze

Where are Germany's best areas for skiing, sledding or cross-country skiing? We start our tour in the winter wonderland of the Harz Mountains

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If you love to ski or sled, you should head to the Harz mountains second highest peak, the Wurmberg. Or if you want to give the Black Forest highlands a try, the Feldberg with its 50 kilometers of slopes could be the right stop for you. The Allgäu alps also make an idea destination for the whole family with more than 100 kilometers of trails to choose from. But if altitude is more your style, the Zugspitze plateau is both Germany's highest mountain and the only resort where guests can ski on a glacier. With more than 22 kilometers of slopes and almost 3000 meters above sea level, both the skiing and the views are spectacular!