Wind Power - A New Course for Heligoland - Part 2 | All media content | DW | 08.10.2013
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Wind Power - A New Course for Heligoland - Part 2

Three huge wind farms are being set up 23 kilometers off the island of Heligoland -- in the middle of the North Sea. So Heligoland is undergoing a revamp: to become the world’s "first offshore service island" and serve as a base for people involved in the construction and maintenance of the wind farms.

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Mayor Jörg Singer has invested heavily in the project and incurred debts: the expansion of the harbor alone is costing islanders 8 million euros. Many here say the money would be better invested in promoting tourism, Heligoland's main source of income for decades. Our series looks at the controversial changes taking place on the picturesque island of Heligoland.