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DW Travel sweepstakes Gewinnspiel Samsung
Image: DW

Win with your travel video

Frederike Müller
December 27, 2019

Travel enthusiasts take note: Do you love to travel and capture your holiday destinations on video? Then send us your best travel video and you could win a smartphone.


Have you been to the most beautiful places on earth and filmed them? Then we are looking forward to your videos of unforgettable experiences at your favorite places. Whether it's a thrilling round trip through Mexico, breathtaking views of the endless expanses of Russia and Mongolia, wreck diving in Bali or a journey through the urban jungle of Asian megacities like Singapore — wherever you have been or what you have visited, show us your impressions of the most beautiful destinations around the world.

Win a smartphone with your travel video

All travel videos submitted by March 3, 2020, will be viewed by our jury who will select the best film. The prize is a smartphone Samsung Galaxy A70. Good luck!

Your vacation video featured on the travel TV show "Check-in"

Check-in vom 02.02.2019
Image: DW

In addition, all videos have the chance to be shown on our travel TV show Check-in. With a bit of luck, our presenters might soon be showing your holiday film as the viewer's video of the week! If we select your video for the show, we will notify you well in advance.

So: Plan your trip, pack your camera and take part in our competition.

Here's how you participate

You must have filmed your video clip (size up to 180 MB) with a smartphone, camera or video camera. It should be at least one minute long. Please do not use any text overlays in the video. If you use music, please let us know the title and composer. And write briefly about which holiday destination you have recorded in the video and why it is worth a trip.

Since there are occasional problems with uploading via mobile devices, the safest way to send us your videos is via the desktop version of this page.



Conditions of participation


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