When worlds of sound merge: Listen to the Campus Concert 2019 | Music | DW | 19.09.2019

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When worlds of sound merge: Listen to the Campus Concert 2019

South Africa was in focus at this year's Campus Project of DW and the Beethovenfest. You can hear the hear the strongly applauded program right here.

Listen to audio 88:47

Campus Concert 2019

On the playbill:

William Walton

Johannesburg Festival Overture for orchestra (1956)

Ola Gjeilo

Northern Lights

Nkosie Hospas

Take Me Back 


Bruremarsj Fra Sorfold

Hendrik Hofmeyr

Three African Songs for mezzo-soprano and orchestra (2005)

Ludwig van Beethoven

Clärchen Songs for soprano and orchestra from incidental music to the play Egmont, op. 84 (1809/10)

Michael Mosoeu Moerane

Fatse la heso (My Country) for orchestra (1941)

Michael League

Bonga Pongu, arranged by Sjaella of Just 6


Molly Ban, arranged by Sjaella of Just 6

Solomon Linda

Mbube/The Lion Sleeps Tonight | Alle Vögel sind schon da, arranged by Sjaella of Just 6

Tshepo Tsotetsi

Birth of Change for vocals and orchestra (world premiere, commissioned by Deutsche Welle)


performed by:

Sjaella, a female a cappella ensemble from Germany

Just 6, a male a cappella ensemble from South Africa

Nicola Heinecker, soprano

Abongile Fumba, mezzo-soprano

National Youth Orchestra of Germany

Brandon Phillips, conductor

Recorded by Deutsche Welle in the World Trade Center, Bonn, on September 12, 2019

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