When, if not now? — Imarn takes on racism | Reporter - On Location | DW | 04.07.2020

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When, if not now? — Imarn takes on racism

Activist Imarn Ayton organizes demonstrations with thousands of protesters. So why hasn't UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson rung her up? Her hope is to see the anti-racism protests result in effective policy-making.

Watch video 12:36

Boris Johnson has already responded. He has convened an anti-racism commission to take a closer look at social inequities. But actor and activist Imarn Ayton claims it is only meant to placate the protesters. She points out that quite a few commissions have already spelled out ways to secure the rights of non-white Britons, but their proposals have yet to be put into practice — and it is time for Britain finally to take an honest hard look at its own colonial past. DW's Birgit Maass accompanied Ayton through a week of protests.