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What it Means to be a Fighter

April 18, 2024

Could you be a fighter? With kickboxing pros like Nigerian Jibrin Inuwa Baba, we look at what it means to fight your corner.

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Image: DW

Sports beyond the disability

Have you ever heard of wheelchair basketball, amputee football or heard of a differently abled breakdancer? These sports have their own rules and competitions, and for the people who play them, they’re given a chance to prove what they’re really made of. 

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A person in a wheelchair playing basket ballImage: DW


Martial arts and boxing in Africa

Boxing and martial arts have a rich history in Africa - from traditional boxing and wrestling to Muhammad Ali’s famous ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ match against George Foreman in Kinshasa – even Mandela was a boxer. Here’s a short overview of Africa’s boxing in the past and today. 


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Nigeria’s four-time kickboxing gold medalist Jibrin Inuwa BabaImage: DW

Dambe sport in Nigeria‘s Kano state 

After years of a successful sporting career, Nigeria’s four-time kickboxing gold medalist, Jibrin Inuwa Baba, pays homage to his town Kano where he meets his coach at the Dambe boxing arena. His hope is to see young athletes equally succeed in their boxing career.


Nigeria’s Dambe boxing: is it safe? 

Dambe, as a traditional combat sport, is not only entertaining but also deeply rooted in cultural heritage. However, contestants are exposed to a range of health concerns. This raises the question: Can the sport meet modern safety demands while preserving its traditional trademark? 


Dambe sport in Nigeria’s Kano state (Part 2)

The Dambe sport is more than just a fist fight, it is deeply rooted in the tradition of the Northerners of Nigeria. The sport has caught the attention of the federal government, but Jibrin Inuwa Baba, a kickboxing champion calls for the modernization of the risky game while upholding the culture that binds the people.


Don't let obesity take you down

Perpetutal Gbekor was left by her partner because he did not like her being overweight. Today, she is fighting herself back into the center of attention – by dancing. Our Dr. Chinonso Egemba met her to learn what being obese means for her mental and physical wellbeing.




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