What holds you back? What keeps you going? | Home | Life Links | DW | 04.04.2015
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Life Links

What holds you back? What keeps you going?

Innocent fights to get girls into his rural Zambian classroom. But the 29-year-old teacher still dreams of completing his own education, which was cut short after his father died and he had to start caring for his mom.

Innocent Banda, a volunteer teacher in rural Zambia

We've asked Innocent what holds him back. The answer is written on his palm.

Name: Innocent
Age: 29
Hometown: A village in the region of Kamatete, Zambia

What is most important to you in your life?
I want to go further with my education. I want to reach college.

Realistically, what do you expect from your future?
A very good future for me would be if I make it to college. That would change many things. Every day I try my best to make it happen.

How do you spend your free time?
I get a Bible and start reading. Or I listen to the radio.

If you want to reward yourself by doing something special, what do you do?
I work hard in my field. If I receive something from parents in appreciation [like a sack of potatoes], I feel good.

Your country is said to be very sunny - what do you think about that? How does that affect your life?
Sometimes there is not enough water. The crops dry fast.

How much is….
1 ticket for the cinema: $0.25
1 liter of milk: $0.40
1 liter of bottled water: $1.60
1 kg potatoes: $0.65
1 cup of coffee in a café: $0.80
1 pair of jeans: $6.50
1 book (paperback): $1.30

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