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Germany's euro bailout ruling

Michael Lawton
September 13, 2012

The German Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe decided the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) is legal. Now DW examines the issues, the arguments and the role of the court.

The eight judges of the court's second senate Photo: Uli Deck dpa/lsw
Image: picture-alliance/dpa

The German Constitutional Court ruled on Wednesday (12.09.2012) that the new European bailout fund was inline with the German constitution.

"The Second Senate of the Federal Constitutional Court has rejected the injunctions with the stipulation that a ratification of the ESM Treaty is only admissible if [certain conditions] can be guaranteed under international law," Chief Justice Andreas Vosskuhle said. "Our examination has shown that the laws with a high probability do not infringe upon the German constitution. That is why we have rejected the injunction."

DW examines the issues, the arguments and the role of the court.

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