We wanted to see your favorite album! | Euromaxx | DW | 24.03.2017
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We wanted to see your favorite album!

We asked you to send us a photo of yourself with your favorite vinyl record or CD. Up for grabs was an iPod. You can find out here who won.

From pop and electro to classical and jazz - euromaxx brings you the stars and trends of the music scene. Which genre are you into? We wanted to know your favorite album of all time. There was a great response from viewers, sending in photos of their first vinyl record or their favorite CD. Thanks a lot! We were offering a DW-blue iPod shuffle for one lucky participant.

And the winner is Valentin Nicola from Salto in Uruguay. Congratulations!

DW Euromaxx - Gewinner Valentin Nicola (Valentin Nicola)

Winner Valentin Nicola with his favorite album: "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd.