US election year – Is Trump unstoppable? | To the Point | DW | 06.02.2020

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To the Point

US election year – Is Trump unstoppable?

Having survived impeachment by US Democrats, Donald Trump seems confident of victory against his rivals for the White House in elections. But can he convince the voters? Guests: Rick Noack (Washington Post), Ralph Freund (Republicans Overseas), Rachel Tausendfreund (German Marshall Fund)

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Rick Noack, from the Washington Posts Berlin bureau. He says: "Trump’s State of the Union address was filled with a sense of vindication both on domestic and foreign issues. But it might be too early for that."



Ralph Freund, Speaker of  "Republicans Overseas Germany". His opinion: "Donald Trump is a president who delivers on his promises."




Rachel Tausendfreund, from the "German Marshall Fund of the United States". She thinks: “Trump has had a very good start in 2020, but his successes are more show than substance.”