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Uruguay: 10 dead in nursing home fire

July 7, 2024

Uruguay's Interior Ministry has reported that 10 seniors were killed in a Sunday morning fire at their residence. All died from smoke inhalation, a 20-year-old employee was able to escape.

File photo of an Uruguayan firefighter inspecting a burnt out building in Montevideo, Uruguay
The cause of the deadly fire is currently under investigationImage: PABLO PORCIUNCULA/AFP/Getty Images

Uruguay's Interior Ministry on Sunday reported that 10 senior citizens were killed when a fire broke out in their six-room nursing home in the city of Treinta y Tres, some 290 kilometers (180 miles) northeast of the capital Montevideo.

The cause of the fire, which reportedly broke out in the facility's living room, is unknown at the moment.

One 20-year-old female employee is said to have escaped through the building's garage.

The Interior Ministry and Emergency Services said seven residents died at the scene and three others died after being rushed to a nearby hospital.

All died from smoke inhalation according to authorities.

js/rm (AFP, dpa)