Upper Bavaria - Action Holidays in the Mountains | Discover Germany | DW | 20.07.2013
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Discover Germany

Upper Bavaria - Action Holidays in the Mountains

The Bavarian Alps are just an hour out of Munich and a must-see destination for nature-lovers. Rafting down the River Isar from Bad Tölz to Munich can be either thrilling or relaxing, depending on what pace you prefer. And there are plenty more action-packed adventures to be had in Upper Bavaria.

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With its currents, pebbly beaches and crystal clear water, the meandering Isar is one of Germany’s most popular rivers for whitewater water sports. On a kayak tour from Sylvensteinspeicher to Lenggries, we get to see both the fierce and the gentle sides of this landmark waterway.

The Brauneck mountain near Lenggries is a favorite spot for kite-fliers and paragliders. No one brave enough to take to the skies above the Bavarian Alps is likely to forget the experience. Even amateurs can try out tandem paragliding with an expert on hand. Our last destination is Bad Tölz, which boasts a historic city center and plenty to tempt energetic holidaymakers. The Blomberg Mountain offers hiking trails and a pretty challenging rope park.