Update Europe 10.05 - 13.00 UTC weekdays | Mission Europe | DW | 25.05.2005
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Mission Europe

Update Europe 10.05 - 13.00 UTC weekdays

News, views, music and chat for younger Europeans as the continent grows closer together


"...and a warm welcome to Update Europe" says presenter Shaye Hoobanoff

Deutsche Welle is breaking new ground in European radio with Update Europe, a three hour lunchtime magazine for a pan European audience broadcast via satellite and on DRM digital short wave.

Tune in for in-depth coverage of breaking stories climbing up the news agenda. Listen to correspondents' reports that give you the "why" as well as the "where" and the "what" to the day's hard news stories. Stay tuned for a selection of some of the best in popular music.

Plus full 5 minute news bulletins on the hour, news summary and weather at half past the hour and don't forget to enter our enter our daily competition with prizes from the Deutsche Welle gift shop.

How to pick up Update Europe:

via drm digital short wave ( you will need a DRM-capable receiver; please see links below)

10.00 UTC: 6140 kHz, 7265 kHz, 15440 kHz, 15545 kHz

11.00 UTC: 6140 kHz, 7265 kHz, 15440 kHz,
15545 kHz

12.00 UTC: 6140kHz, 9655 kHz, 15440 kHz,
15545 kHz

via satellite: Hot Bird 6a, (subcarrier 8.28 MHz), Hot Bird 6d, AMC-1, Intelsat 10-02, PAS-9
and Asiasat 2

via the internet: Scroll to the top of this page. Click on Audio on Demand in the left-hand margin under DW RADIO (below Indepth and above Reception).
Scroll down (the Audio on Demand page is arranged alphabetically) until you reach Update Europe. Click on it!

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