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DW Unseen - Keyvisual
Image: DW


Invisible guests in your food, your hometown sinking, unhealthy dust hiding in your lungs. Discover heroes with amazing solutions - and inspiration for a better life!

UNSEEN opens your eyes. We travel through Southeast Asia and discover stories of people whose lives could be yours. In Indonesia, children are suffering from air pollution - something doctors, architects and entrepreneurs are fighting with innovative and original concepts. Next up is Thailand's capital, Bangkok, one of Asia’s sinking cities. Its inhabitants are preparing for future flooding, adapting their city and finding tools to make their homes safer.

Then we head to Malaysia for an episode on how to deal with microplastics in food. We follow a fan of great cuisine on his personal journey. What's safe to eat and drink? Which products are good and which are not? In Vietnam, we get stuck in traffic. Nothing new! But this time, we're stuck with some cool rappers who teach people how not to go crazy in traffic. Finally, in Taiwan, it's all about green tech.

Learn about the hopes and limitations of the new technologies being developed to solve life's challenges. Join us on an exciting five-episode journey - one that will open your eyes to formidable challenges and promising solutions!