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UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon resigns

November 1, 2017

British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon has been replaced after becoming the first cabinet member to resign amid of a growing parliamentary sexual harassment scandal. He is replaced by chief whip Gavin Williamson.

Großbritannien Verteidigungsminister Michael Fallon
Image: Reuters/H. McKay

British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon resigned after he admitted to inappropriate behavior, being replaced on Thursday by Conservative chief whip Gavin Williamson.

In a resignation letter to Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May, Fallon said: "A number of allegations have surfaced about MPs in recent days including some about my previous conduct. Many of these have been false but I accept that in the past I have fallen below the high standards that we require of the armed forces that I have the honor to represent."

Accepting the resignation, May said she appreciated the "serious manner in which you have considered your position and the particular example you with to set to servicemen and women and others." Fallon's replacement is expected to be announced on Thursday.

A list of allegations

An unverified spreadsheet making sexual assault allegations against 40 current Tory MPs has been published online.

The British prime minister has ordered an investigation into the allegations against Conservative members, including Cabinet minister Damian Green.

Labour Party activist Bex Bailey said she was raped as a teenager at a party event in 2011, but was advised not to speak up as it would "damage" her career.

Events in Britain come in the wake of the sexual harassment claims against disgraced Hollywood director Harvey Weinstein.

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