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Twitter founder's first tweet up for auction

March 7, 2021

Twitter boss Jack Dorsey's iconic first tweet on the platform is up for sale at a digital memorabilia auction. Bidding for the tweet has already reached $2.5 million.

Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey gestures during a 2018 speech in New Delhi, India
Founder Jack Dorsey's first-ever tweet is up for auctionImage: Getty Images/AFP/P. Singh

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is auctioning his first ever tweet on a website that sells tweets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Bidding had reached $2.5 million (€2.1 million) on Saturday, indicating the potential in selling virtual objects that have been authenticated through blockchain technology.

Who is bidding on the tweet?

The post — "just setting up my twttr" — was sent from Dorsey's account in March 2006. 

While old offers on the post indicate that it was put for sale in December 2020, the auction picked up momentum after Dorsey posted a link to the online marketplace "Valuables @Cent" on Friday.

The highest bid for the tweet — $2.5 million — came from Bridge Oracle CEO Sina Estavi. It topped TRON founder Justin Sun's $2 million bid.

Even after it is sold, Dorsey's tweet will remain online for all to see as long as he and the social media platform leave it up.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are digital files that act as digital signatures to certify who owns online media.

According to the "Valuables @Cent" platform, buying a tweet entails purchasing "a digital certificate of the tweet, unique because it has been signed and verified by the creator."

"There is only one unique signed version of the tweet, and if the creator agrees to sell, you can own it forever."

The popularity of NFTs has soared over the past few months. In February, prestigious auction house Christie's sold an entirely digital artwork.

see/rs (AFP, Reuters)