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South Asia

DW Breaking Barriers

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Indonesian activist Saraiyah

How an Indonesian woman is fighting child marriage

Lilik Indrawati

Indonesia: Survivors of domestic violence ally for justice

Bangladesch erste Transgender Frau als News-Moderatorin im TV

Bangladesh: Transgender anchor hopes to drive change  

Nine-year-old climate activist Licypriya Kangujam

Child activist: 'Our leaders are ruining our lives'

Humaira Farah, Pakistan's first female cricket umpire

Meet Humaira Farah, Pakistan's first female cricket umpire

Afghan activist Laila Haidary

Afghan activist helps her community fight drug addiction

Taiwan indigenous singer fights to sing 'men's' song

Taiwan indigenous singer fights to sing 'men's' song

Latest Videos

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Ashwini Doddalingappanavar speaks with two older men sitting at a desk

Escaping child marriage for a dream tech job

Broadcast tower, rooftops are visible in this landscape photo of the Afghan city of Kunduz

Taliban threaten female journalists

GLOD Singapur

Singapore: Affordable housing for all

Protesters take to the streets in India against the gang rape of a Dalit girl in Hathras, UP

Is India's justice system failing low-caste Dalit women?

A woman wearing a mask prepares idols of deities for festival season in India

Durga Puja festival in shadow of pandemic

Philippinen | Journalistin Maria Ressa

Maria Ressa fights for press in Philippines

A family with a small light sit on the floor of a home in a slum in India, with textbooks and a plate of food

Accessing water, electricity in India's slums

Pakistani feminist activists at a rally in Islamabad, demanding equal rights for women

Pakistan: Imran Khan's government 'disrespects' women

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