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To the point - Youth in Revolt: Climate of Change?

September 19, 2019

Schoolkids on strike for the environment: Will they save the world? Are climate summits helpful – or must we all just consume less? Guests: Anjali Ramakrishnan (MCC, Mercator Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change), Quang-Anh Paasch (Fridays for Future), Alan Posener (Die Welt)

DW Sendung To the Point Quang Anh Paasch
Image: DW


Quang-Anh Paasch is spokesman of the Berlin section of "Fridays for Future". He believes: 
“Change is coming - through the hope we give the people.”


DW Sendung To the Point Alan Posener
Image: DW


Alan Posener is a commentator for the Daily newspaper „Die Welt“. He argues: "A bunch of middle-class kids skipping school doesn't make a youth revolt. And stopping climate change needs more than a revolt. It needs good ideas and politicians who can get majorities for those ideas."


DW Sendung To the Point Anjali Ramakrishnan
Image: DW

Anjali Ramakrishnan is currently a fellow at the Mercator Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change. She thinks: 
"Emerging countries like India or China must take advantage of the growing middle and upper class to balance their climate and development priorities."