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Thomas Mösch

Editor at DW Programs for Africa with a special focus on West Africa, security, resource policy and African history.

Thomas has been observing developments in sub-Saharan Africa for four decades. He is particularly experienced in West Africa.

Thomas Mösch already studied African history and politics during at university in Hamburg and Yaounde (Cameroon). In addition to German, English and French, he also speaks Hausa. Thus he has special access to the West African region. As the former head of DW Hausa, he is very familiar with Nigeria, Niger and the neighboring countries of the Sahel region.

Thomas Mösch also knows Ghana and Cameroon well. For a time, he coordinated the projects for Ivory Coast at the DW Akademie. His thematic focus is on political developments in West Africa, in particular democracy, human rights, security and media policy. Thomas Mösch has repeatedly dealt with oil production and other raw materials issues. He is also particularly interested in German-African relations and the history of Africa.