This is your favorite holiday! | Euromaxx | DW | 06.04.2018
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This is your favorite holiday!

This week, Easter is being celebrated in Germany, with colored eggs and chocolate bunnies. We wanted to know which holiday celebration is your favorite.

Coloring Easter eggs, hiding chocolate treats, brightly decorated tables, families gathering – this is how Easter is typically celebrated in Germany. People also go to church to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Others savor the holiday feast together with their family. We wanted to know if you celebrate Easter, or if you have another favorite holiday. We were thrilled by all the responses we got. A big thank you to everyone who participated!

The winner of our draw is Clara Ibanez from Granada in Spain, and her favorite holiday is Easter.

Congratulations, you have won a watch designed exclusively for Euromaxx. We hope you’ll participate again in our next prize draw.