This is your favorite delicacy! | Euromaxx | DW | 04.12.2017
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This is your favorite delicacy!

Euromaxx wanted to know what your preferences are when it comes to exclusive delicacies. Would it be truffles or snails? Or perhaps oysters or caviar? Or would you prefer something else?

Euromaxx wanted to know the delicacy that is either your favorite or which you would like to savor once in your life. Trying snails or oysters may be a challenge for some, but perhaps that’s what makes them all the more appetizing. The most popular dish among viewers who responded was truffles. Euromaxx says thanks for taking part.

And the lucky winner of an exclusive euromaxx watch is Kumator Abo from Makurdi in Nigeria, who is a fan of snails.

We hope you’ll soon get the chance to savor more culinary delights – which don’t have to be haute cuisine, of course.