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The USA Divided: America after Trump

January 15, 2021

Peter Boykin is a fervent supporter of outgoing U.S. President Trump. In Washington D.C., the protests against the election results turned violent. And Boykin was in the thick of it. He refuses to accept Trump's loss.

USA Washington DC Capitol Ausschreitungen Peter Boykin
Image: DW

Peter Boykin is president of 'Gays for Trump' in Greensboro, North Carolina. The sitting Republican president has many black supporters, as well, even though, during his term in office, he repeatedly failed to stand up for minorities and their rights, either morally or actively. This approach has resulted in extensive repercussions in U.S. politics and proven especially consequential in North Carolina.

USA Washington DC Capitol Ausschreitungen Peter Boykin
Image: DW

Before the election, the southern state was called the 'swingiest swing state': In barely any other state has the race for the White House proven harder to predict. The first big step toward overcoming the country's divisions would be for Trump's followers to accept the fact of his defeat. But Peter Boykin and many others have shown no such willingness.


A Report by Stefan Simons.


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