The ultimate display of loyalty? Hertha Berlin offer season ticket tattoo | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 02.02.2018
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The ultimate display of loyalty? Hertha Berlin offer season ticket tattoo

The Bundesliga is renowned for the intensity of its support. But Hertha Berlin are looking to take that up a notch. The club will give one fan a season ticket for life, but they have to get it tattooed on their arm.

A season ticket for life. A dream for many football fans could become a reality for one Hertha Berlin supporter, with one - fairly major - catch. They must have a QR code permanently tattooed on their arm.

The bizarre offer was released on the club's German Twitter account on Thursday evening with a video showing a tattoo artist sketching the design. It features an outline of Berlin, Hertha's Olympic Stadium and two flags - one featuring the badge of Hertha and the other a QR code.

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Hertha looking for new stadium by 2025

Those willing to take a little pain for a lifetime of football have until February the 8 to send a picture, video or something else that shows their devotion to the club.

"No club gets under your skin like Hertha BSC," reads the club's press release. "In success and failure. In good and in bad times."

There's been a little more of the latter than the former in recent weeks for Hertha, who are without a win in 2018. They host Hoffenheim at the Olympic Stadium in the Bundesliga on Saturday. 

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