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The Truth Behind Two Iconic Artworks

June 7, 2024

They have this in common: Fascinating stories that combine politics and art. Where is the famous Amber Room? – and why is the iconic Nefertiti bust so controversial?

Berlin | Königin Nofretete im Neuen Museum
Image: Christophe Gateau/dpa/picture alliance

Fascinating stories and turbulent histories that combine politics and art: the unresolved questions surrounding the Amber Room and the Nefertiti Bust.

Dokumentation " Nofretete - Wem gehört die Schönheit "
The Nefertiti Bust in BerlinImage: Medea FILM

The Egyptian queen has fascinated millions of people and been a tourist attraction in Berlin for over 100 years. But from the beginning, she has also been at the heart of a bitter row. To Egypt, the bust is part of the country’s national heritage. Should the Nefertiti Bust be returned?

Who was this beautiful queen, and how was the bust 'discovered'? How did it survive World War II in the German capital? Answers to these questions, and more, in this week’s Arts Unveiled!

BG Verschollene Schätze | Bernsteinzimmer
A Replica of the Amber RoomImage: Arno Burgi/dpa/picture alliance

The Amber Room is known as one of the most valuable and important art treasures of the 18th century. It disappeared during World War II and has never be found despite many attempts. Did the Nazis hide the Amber Room in a mine? Was it destroyed by fire while being stored at Königsberg Castle? Could it even be at the bottom of the Baltic Sea? Treasure hunters have never given up on finding it.

Two artworks – two art detective stories and the true stories behind them. 


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