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The Netherlands beat Denmark 4-2 to win the Women's Euro

Chuck Penfold
August 6, 2017

The Women's Euro is set to crown a new champion as the Dutch hosts have beaten Denmark 4-2 in the final. The outcome remained in doubt until the 89th minute, when the Netherlands opened up a two-goal lead.

Niederlande Frauen EM Finale Niederlande - Dänemark
Image: Reuters/T. Kluiters

The Netherlands 4 - Denmark 2
Miedema 10',89', Martens 28', Spitse 51' (FK.) - Nadim 6' (pen.), Harder 33'


The Netherlands have won the Women's Euro!

90 + 4

Christiansen takes a ball of the head and requires treatment.She is helped off the pitch.

90 + 4

Van den Berg comes on for Kika van Es


The Dutch coach is waiting for an opportunity to bring on Mandy van den Berg.

90' + 1

Four minutes to time-added-on to be played.


Goal for the Netherlands! Vivianne Miedema takes a long pass, puts a move on the Danish defender and scores. The Danish defender failed to put much pressure on her as she finished easily. 

Niederlande Frauen EM Finale Niederlande - Dänemark
Image: Reuters/T. Kluiters


Sanne Troelsgaard's effort from distance curls just wide of the Dutch goal.


Subsitution for Denmark: Nanna Christiansen replaces Sofie Pedersen


Ten minutes to go. Can the Dutch hang on - or will the Danes force extra time?


The Danish coach takes off Simone Boye Sorensen and brings on Line Roddik.


Jackie Groenen takes a crack from the top of the box but her attempt to put the Dutch up by two is just wide of the target. 


A defensive wobble from the Dutch - Katrine Veje takes a pass into the box first time and doesn't miss by much.


Huge chance for the Dutch! The Danish defenders are unable to sufficiently deal with a cross and it falls for Miedema - but Sina Lykke Petersen makes a huge save to keep her team in it. 


Danish substitution: Kildemoes off, replaced by Thogersen.


Although the stats are still pretty close, the Dutch seem to be taking more and more control of the match. Tackles are becoming a bit chippier. 


Substitution for the Netherlands: Dominique Janssen replaces right back Deseree van Lunteren.

Niederlande Frauen EM Finale Niederlande - Dänemark
Image: Reuters/Y. Herman


Van de Sanden breaks into the Danish area, but hesitates and cuts the ball back to the top of the box too late. 


Now the Danish goal is under sustained pressure, but the Dutch fail to add to their lead.


Goal for the Netherlands! Sherida Spitse scores from the free kick, a low shot that gets past the wall and low into the open corner that the keeper wasn't guarding. 


Van de Donk is brought down, Free kick for the Netherlands just outside of the box.


Corner for Denmark, but it comes to nothing.


The Dutch kick off to start the second half. 


45' + 2 

Staubli blows the whistle for halftime. 


Nadia Nadim gets into a battle with a Dutch defender and is called for a foul. She complains to Swiss referee Esther Staubli and receives the yellow card for her trouble.


Free kick for Denmark from about 21 meters out. Harder puts it over the bar. 


Nadim almost gets onto a cross to the Netherlands' far post, but the flag is up for offside.


Katrine Veje gets onto the end of a long looping pass into the area, but is taken down my Desiree van Lunteren. Looked like a penalty from here, but the ref says no. 


Goal for Denmark! Pemille Harder runs onto a nice ball down the right flank, bargest into the area, and gets off a low left-footer that beats Veenendaal's outstretched left hand.   


Nadium gets onto the end of a lovely through ball and tries to take the ball around the Dutch keeper, but van Venenendaal manages to get a hand to it before the Danish striker can go by for what would have been an almost certain goal.


Goal for the Netherlands! Lieke Martens took a pass just outside of the box, made a little move and left footed a shot into the right-hand corder of the Danish net. Beautiful strike!


Van Es is back on the pitch.


Kika van Es goes down heavily and the Dutch are temporarily down to 10 players.


Quite an even match so far, with the Netherlands holding 49 percent of the possession - 51 percent for the Danes.


Jackie Groenen draws the first yellow card of the match for the Netherlands.


Van de Sanden with a nice move and a run down the right, but the counterattack breaks down. A pleasantly lively start to this women's Euro final in Enschede!


Free kick for the Danes from 35 yards out, but no trouble for Dutch keeper Sari van Veenendaal. 


Goal for the Netherlands! Vivanne Miedema puts it away after Shanice van de Sanden played a nice ball in from the right side of the Danish area. 

Niederlande Frauen EM Finale Niederlande - Dänemark
Image: picture alliance/empics/M. Egerton


Nadia Nadim scores from the spot! 1-0 for Denmark!


Penalty for Denmark!


Lieke Martens makes a nice run down the levet flank, but Theresa Nielsen forces her out.


With a couple of neat passes the Netherlands get into the Denmark area, but the ball is cleared. 

17:00: The Danes get things going with the opening kickoff!

16:50: The lineups: 

The Netherlands: 1 van Veenendaal (GK), 2 Van Lunteren, 3  Van der Gragt,  5 Van Es 6 Dekker, 7 van de Sanden, 8 Spitse (C), 9 Miedema, 10 Van de Donk, 11 Martens, 14 Groenen. Denmark:  1 Petersen (GK), 4 Kildemoes, 5 Boye Sorensen, 7 S. Troelsgaard, 8 Nielsen, 9 Nadim,  10 Harder (C), 11 Veje, 12 Larsen, 13 Pedersen, 19 Sandvej.

16:37:Welcome to DW Sports' live coverage of the final of the Women's Euron between the hosts, the Netherlands, and Denmark! Stay tuned as we'll keep you posted with all the updates from FC Twente Stadium in Enschede. Kickoff is at 17:00 CEST.