The most popular users on | Shift-Ranking | DW | 19.10.2016
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The most popular users on

Do you know Teenagers worldwide can't get enough of the lip sync app.

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The most popular users on

With the app, musers - as its mostly teenage users are called - produce short lip-synch videos. This 17-year-old Canadian has collected a good 8-point-9 million fans with her contemporary dance numbers!

Miming in fourth place is 14-year-old Loren Beech from Pennsylvania, U.S.A. She makes her mark on 10 Mmillion fans with her long nails and theatrical eye make-up.  

In third are Lisa and Lena - twins from southern Germany, and they've got rhythm. The braces only add to the double-vision effect. Nearly 10 and a half Mmillion fans watch them synchronize moves with the song.  

In second place, charming some 10-point-8 Mmillion fans, is Jacob Sartorius from Virginia, U.S.A. At just thirteen, he's already a teen heartthrob. Justin Bieber, move over!  

Claiming the top spot is Baby Ariel of Florida. Fifteen-year-old Ariel Martin has 13-point-4 Mmillion fans - more than anyone. She's struck a chord with her own generation - and the one before last, as well.

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