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The Four-Legged Mayor

August 11, 2023

At a time when politics are divisive, a British town has elected a mayor who is bringing people together: Patrick the Pony! Euromaxx reporter Meggin Leigh met the four-legged mayor.

Euromaxx Sendung | Screenshot | Pony Bürgermeister
Image: DW


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Euromaxx Sendung | Screenshot | Reykjavik
Image: DW

Like a Local in Reykjavik

Iceland's nature is world famous, but what do people actually know about Icelanders? Euromaxx reporter Brant Dennis spent a day in Reykjavik like a local and learned a few things.




Euromaxx Sendung | Screenshot | Carbonara
Image: DW

The Right Way to Make Spaghetti Carbonara

At first glance, spaghetti carbonara seems like a pretty straightforward dish, but the recipe is not as simple as it seems. We traveled to Rome and had a chef show us how to prepare spaghetti carbonara properly.




Euromaxx Sendung | Screenshot | Schlösser
Image: DW

A Palace Tour through Berlin

Fancy some royal flair? Then join us in Berlin. The German capital has plenty of palaces that were once home to Prussian nobility. Euromaxx reporter Hannah Hummel goes on a palace-hopping tour.




DW Sendung Euromaxx | Miniküche
Image: DW

Cooking on a Small Scale

Social media expert Burcu Celenoglu Aydin and her husband videographer Anil Aydin from Istanbul have a mission: to promote their country's cuisine around the world — in miniature style.





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