The best airport movies | Film | DW | 09.08.2018
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The best airport movies

With thousands of air passengers displaced by strike, long waits at airports are on people's minds. Movies set at airports or with unforgettable airport scenes come to mind. Here are our picks for the best ones.

There are plenty of airborne disaster movies: thrillers about disappearing children or deadly snakes onboard, hijackings, crashes, natural disasters and attacks of all kinds.

But other films include memorable scenes at airports, teary fare-wells - and surprised hellos such as in the popular 1989 love story When Harry meets Sally. Not to forget vivid Bollywood dance numbers such as in the film Chalte Chalte, a romantic Indian movie from 2003 starring Shah Rukh Khan.

Some films are actually mostly set in the familiar hustle and bustle of an airport. Click on the above picture gallery for our airport film favorites.

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