Testing photo editing apps: ″Pixlr” | Shift | DW | 15.01.2020
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Testing photo editing apps: "Pixlr”

If you want to take pictures with your smartphone and quickly share beautiful results, you need effective image editing tools. DW Digital tests the most popular apps. This week: "Pixlr".

Finding the right photo editing app for your needs is easier said than done. The app "Pixlr" is available for free for Android and iOS. (in the App- and in the Playstore.)
Pixlr convinces with its handling: The app is oriented on the market leader Photoshop and is very easy to use. You can choose between the full version Pixlr Editor or the retro app Pixlr-o-matic.

In the Pixlr editor you can really let off steam in terms of image editing. Here you can use different tools like brushes and correction tools as well as a number of pre-installed filters. With the help of image and tonal value corrections you can adjust your photos according to your ideas and put the finishing touches on them with filters. Your final image can be exported as either JPG, PNG, BMP, PXD or TIFF. 

Unfortunately, some of the filters and special effects of the app don't really look well thought-out and lead to shrill results. One-click filters for your everyday use á la Instagram are not to be found at Pixlr. Some tools are also difficult to understand, especially for beginners. Another minus from our point of view: the advertising in Pixlr, which can only be turned off via in-app purchase.


Top 2 Pros:

- Appealing results

- Intuitive user interface


Top 3 Cons:

- Advertising in the App

- Special effects of the camera do not seem to be very well thought out

- Tools for beginners partly difficult to understand


Price: free for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile (in-App purchases possible)

Manufacturer: 123RF Limited