Testing photo editing apps: ″Perfect Image for iOS″ | Digital Culture | DW | 30.09.2020
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Digital Culture

Testing photo editing apps: "Perfect Image for iOS"

If you want to take pictures with your smartphone and quickly share beautiful results, you need effective image editing tools. DW Digital tests the most popular apps. This week: "Perfect Image for iOS".

Perfect Image is available as a free download for your iPhone and iPad. The photo editing app is financed by advertisements, which is shown from time to time within the application. The app is produced by the Chinese company TongShuo, which has developed the app "Effectshop", too.

"Perfect Image" mainly provides users with filters and editing tools for creating posters and collages. The handling is very easy, the possibilities are limited - nevertheless you have fun creating collages and lifting your photos.

The app has a collage and an editing mode which you have to select at the beginning, but you switch between the modes during your editing process. In the image editing mode, you'll find familiar tools like exposure, contrast and saturation. The filter collection is also appealing. Highlights include a glass filter that makes your photos look blurry and a filter that makes the photo look like a wicker. Also worth mentioning is the photo cropping tool, which allows you to crop your photos in a round or elliptical shape. All steps must be completed by tapping the "Done" button.

It's a pity that the filters and tools in Perfect Image are all labelled in English only, although the app is generally available in German. Since there is no expensive premium version at all, you can use the app for collages and posters with text layers and just disregard that little flaw.


Top 3 Pros:

- No paid pro version

- easy handling

- Selection of collages


Top Cons:

- Filters cannot be changed manually

- Filter labels not available in German


Price: Free for iOS

Manufacturer: TongShuo