Taking on the Taliban - Pakistan′s Favorite Action Heroine | All media content | DW | 16.09.2013
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Global 3000

Taking on the Taliban - Pakistan's Favorite Action Heroine

"Burka Avenger" is a Pakistani TV series currently making waves in the troubled country. The animation series stars a Burka-clad superheroine fighting the Taliban and corrupt politicians. She's even popular beyond Pakistan's borders and has become a talking point on Twitter, in Blogs and on Youtube.

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The show airs every Sunday on Pakistan's biggest TV station. Burka Avenger's alter ego is Jiya, a teacher at a girls' school. But not everyone approves of her: although they disagree on the reasons why, religious fundamentalists and women’s rights activists don't think a burka has an place in a TV show like this one. Its fans couldn't care less.