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Sylt – Early Spring on the North Sea

April 1, 2013

Germany’s northernmost island lies off the coast of Schleswig Holstein. Sylt is a narrow sandbank. To its west are the open waters of the North Sea and to the east is the Wadden Sea.


More than 600,000 tourists come here every year to relax and enjoy nature.

Spring is the right season for the true connoisseurs. The 40 kilometers of white sandy beaches on the west side of the island are wonderful for walks at this time of year. And if the weather is too cold you can always visit the local history museum in Keitum, Sylt’s former “capital”. Here visitors learn about the island’s fascinating history and about the islanders, who lived from fishing and whaling for centuries.

The Forces of Nature Visitor Center in the town of List is devoted to the geology of the island and the Wadden Sea habitat. The Wadden Sea was named a UNESCO world heritage site in 2009.

But Sylt is also about having fun. Charming cafés and restaurants invite you to stop by and warm up. The island’s chefs conjure up creative dishes using oysters, seaweed and everything the North Sea has to offer.

Sylt - Early Spring on the North Sea

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