Suspect caught after Milan courthouse shooting | News | DW | 09.04.2015
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Suspect caught after Milan courthouse shooting

Italian police say they have detained a man who allegedly opened fire at Milan's main courthouse, killing a bankruptcy judge and a second person.

Italian interior minister Angelino Alfano said Thursday the suspect was being held at a military police barracks. She said police caught the man as he tried to leave the scene on a motorcycle.

SkyG24 television had previously reported that the suspect had been barricaded in a upper-floor room.

The news agency ANSA and other Italian media outlets said the suspect had been in the courthouse for a bankruptcy proceeding.

It was unclear how he had gained entrance with a weapon, as visitors have to pass through metal detectors.

As the drama unfolded, police were posted at all exits and the building was evacuated, with checks of the occupants' identification as they left.

ipj/jil (dpa, AP, Reuters)