Stella McCartney to Design for Adidas | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 09.09.2004
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Stella McCartney to Design for Adidas

Sports-good maker Adidas-Salomon will launch a clothes collection with British designer Stella McCartney, in an attempt to boost sales by at least €10 million ($12 million) next year, Adidas announced Wednesday. The acclaimed fashion designer is set to create two collections yearly of running, swimming and fitness sportswear for women, the company said in a statement. McCartney is expected to generate sales in the double-digit millions of euros, a spokesman said. The collection "adidas by Stella McCartney" is scheduled to hit shops in North America, Japan and Europe in February. Adidas, which made sales of €6.27 billion ($7.55 billion) in 2003, down 3.8 percent against the previous year, hopes the launch will be the start of a long-term partnership with ex-Beatles singer Paul McCartney's daughter.