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St. Pauli says: No Football for Fascists

Kai DambachFebruary 10, 2016

The second-division side will wear shirts that say "No Football for Fascists" before Friday night's match against Leipzig to support International Holocaust Rememberance Day.

Logo des FC St. Pauli
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/B. Marks

Traditionally the most left-wing football club in Germany, St. Pauli #link:http://www.fcstpauli.com/fans/news/9226:announced on Wednesday# they will wear jerseys that read "No football for fascists" emblazoned across the front of their kits in their match with second-division leaders RB Leipzig on Friday night.

A statement on the team website said that St. Pauli will wear the slogan in accordance with International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Though the day occurred last month, this is the club's first home match in 2016. A club fan group is also expected to reveal a large banner with the slogan on it in the stadium.

"The socio-political slogan 'No football for fascists' originated decades ago in the club's fan scene and is a synonym for what the club represents as part of its social responsibility; for colorful diversity, tolerance and respect and against racism and discrimination of any kind," read the club statement.

This will replace the shirt sponsor, Congstar, for the match. The statement also stated that Congstar and the German Football League (DFL) approved the idea.