Sprinter Tyson Gay tests positive | News | DW | 15.07.2013
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Sprinter Tyson Gay tests positive

US 100-meter record holder Tyson Gay has confirmed he tested positive for banned substances. It's the latest in a series of doping cases that have damaged top-level athletics.

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Some of the biggest names in sprinting are involved in the latest revelations that athletes tested for banned substances in athletics.

American Tyson Gay has posted the fastest time in the 100-meter dash this year, and his showdown with Jamaican Usain Bolt at the Athletics World Championship next month in Moscow was much anticipated. Gay has now dropped out of the competition, and on Monday, his long time sponsor Adidas announced they were suspending his contract.

While Bolt, the defending world champ and current world-record holder, has not been involved in the latest wave of positive tests in athletics, five fellow Jamaican runners have. That includes Asafa Powell, a former 100m world-record holder, and Sherone Simpson, who won gold in the 4x100m relay in London.

mz/jm (Reuters, dpa, AP)